Guns vs Armour 1939 to 1945

This web site provides comprehensive data on Guns and Armoured Vehicles from the period 1939 to 1945, including penetration data, gun accuracy, ammunition and armour characteristics. Ammunition types, armour manufacture, and a terminal ballistics are also described. Raw data is corrected to allow direct comparisons between weapons from different nations for use with wargames. All sources are quoted and a bibliography is provided.

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Background Information. This section provides detailed explanations of such things as ammunition types, armour manufacture, and a description of what actually occurs when a projectile hits armour plate. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of the many developments in gun and armour technology throughout World War II.

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Weapons Data. This section presents raw data on gun penetration and armour protection for nearly all guns and vehicles used from 1939 to 1945: tabulated, cross-referenced and with all sources quoted. Each nation used different methods to measure gun penetration and to manufacture tank armour, and these methods are explained.

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References. This section includes a comprehensive Bibliography and multi-lingual Glossary. It also includes the Copyright and Permissions page, a What’s New page, and of course a Links page.

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Data Analysis (to be published later). This section attempts to correct the gun penetration data and armour protection to a common standard, by a combination of technical analysis and reports from actual combat conditions. This section would be of interest to wargamers, for example, who require their data to be comparable from gun to gun and tank to tank.

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